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Scientific Production Enterprise (SPE) "Nanoamorph Technology" CJSC was created in 1993 on the basis of a small laboratory that had previously operated in the Institute of Chemical Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia.

The small group of physicists worked out a method of synthesis of highly vibrationally-excited homonuclear molecular beams, that are impossible of obtain in long-lived states by ordinary optical pumping methods. The creation of such highly excited molecules formed the basis of new non-equilibrium processes with their participation that afterwards was named quantum-chemical technology.

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In the difficult years of break-down of the socialist system in Armenia, the Ministry of Industry, after considering the work project submitted by the leader of the group, Dr. Razmik Malkhasyan, and its approval, created the proper conditions for this work to begin. Small premises with uninterrupted provision of electricity were placed at the disposal of the group and a small start in a form of a grant from the Ministry was allotted.

Having been created on the ground of the resolution reached by the Ministry of Industry, the SPE "Nanoamorph Technology" was initially a state closed joint-stock company. Then, in the framework of the privatization program (becoming a private property of the state enterprises), it was simply reorganized into a closed joint-stock company. At present "Nanoamorph Technology" is a private CJSC.

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Dr. Razmik Malkhasyan
The staff of "Nanoamorph Technology" CJSC was one of the first 10 recipients of grants awarded by the Armenian Government at the beginning of its standing. It has since won 2 grants from the Ministry of Industry, as well as several international travel grants from the government of France in 1995, from the American CRDF Fund in 1998, 2006, 2009 and from the Chinese government in 1999, 2001, and 2006. In 1999 "Nanoamorph Technology" Razmik Malkhasyan, president and CEO CJSC received a
grant from the International Scientific-Technical Center (ISTC) in the amount of $250,000 and 62,000 in the 2004 also $17,500 in the 2011. In recent years, was set up a testing laboratory for physical and mechanical tests and technological section on the synthesis of unique polymer nanoamorphous composites.

At present "Nanoamorph Technology" CJSC has practically no debts and possesses all necessary up-to-date equipment and high-skilled staff to ensure the attainment of all its aims, including the development of new technologies and the creation of new amorphous nanosize metals, obtained for the first time solely by the company. In the last few years more than 50 works have been published by the staff of "Nanoamorph Technology" CJSC, in addition to more than 12 patents and certificates of authorship that have been received, 2 of which are PCT patents. The material assets of "Nanoamorph Technology" CJSC are estimated in $1 million and non-material ones make up as much as $60 million.

At present, a separate Nanomaterial Certification Body has been created that controls the production of nanomaterials in Armenia, on the basis of "Nanoamorph Technology'' CJSC. Additionally, a special laboratory has been organized for the analysis and testing of nanomaterials.
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At present "Nanoamorph Technology" CJSC employs a highly skilled staff of scientists experienced in areas of military research, etc.

The scientific-technical staff of "Nanoamorph Technology" CJSC was assembled over more than 20 years and includes highly skilled specialists with considerable experience in the field of experimental physics, analytical and physical chemistry, as well as up-to-date physical and chemical methods of process analysis in both gaseous and solid structures.

The personnel of the company includes the following specialists:
• 2 Doctors of physical-mathematical sciences
• 1 Doctor of chemical sciences
• 1 Doctor of technical scienes
• 1 Candidate of physical-mathematical sciences
• 2 Candidates of chemical sciences
• 2 Candidates of technical sciences

The total number of employees at present does not exceed 20 people. However, it is always possible to expand the personnel in accordance with the arising tasks, due to the availability of scientific workforce in the country.