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Our production: nanosize amorphous metals and new nanoamorphous their derivative materials on their basis (for example oxides).

Amorphous metallic alloys, as well as nanosize clystalline metals and their oxides, have existed since 1970's and 1990's, respectively, while "Nanoamorph" has been the first (and still the only) company to synthesize nanosize amorphous singlecomponent metals (not alloys). Using of these new materials enables the improvement, enlargement, and the creation of qualitatively new operative and technical characteristics of materials separate hosts, and parts.

Nanosize amorphous single-component metals (pure amorphous materials) obtained for the first time by the researchers of "Nanoamorph Technology" CJSC have a wide spectrum of properties different from the above-mentioned amorphous metal alloys. These pure amorphous materials have some unique new characteristic features, which are specific only to them, such as apparent tendency for selfassembly,chemical and catalytic activity, etc. Additionally, these materials have different physical, chemical, and magnetic properties, high energy saturation, etc. Thus, all the areas of use of nanomaterials and nanotechnology, as well as new spheres conditioned by an additional number of unique new properties of the new materials, are the potential market of the single-component amorphous metals.

Amorphous nanosize metals such as molybdenum (Mo"), tungsten (W*),nickel (Ni"), iron (Fe*), etc. have essentially different physical and chemical properties compared to their well-known crystalline counterparts.

The nanosize amorphous metals it is black powder 3-4±1 nm. and it is purity 95±5%
Product & Service specifications:

Amorphous nanosize Mo and their oxides, grain size 4,3 ± 1nm
Amorphous nanosize W and their oxides, grain size 3,3 ± 1 nm
Amorphous nanosize Ni and other.
All products are certified in Armenia.
Minimal & maximal lot for each product: Min – 1 gr, max – 100 gr,
Currently the company`s performance is 1 kg per month, 10 kg per year,
but at request of the market can rapidly increase their production of the required amounth
Characteristic features and packing of product per unit: Glasswork vacuum ampoules in carton.
Way of transportation: Air